Kyle Cooke-Gilbert is a Los Angeles based composer of over 40 animations, films, and video games, many of which have gone on to be screened at various festivals or expos – including Rough Cut Film Festival, Philly Film Showcase, Washington West Film Festival, and Virginia Film Festival – and win several awards and nominations. He is known for his evocative music, natural aptitude at getting to the central tone of a film, and a keen ability to write for various genres and instrumentations – ranging from classical orchestra to electronic/drone and rock.

Kyle began his journey into music when he was ten years old and joined his school’s percussion ensemble. A few years later he taught himself the drum set, then a year later the piano. He first started composing when he was fourteen, when he wrote a piece for his percussion ensemble and was awarded the Director’s Award for music. He quickly developed a passion for the art of merging music to picture and within his first year of college already began scoring animation theses. Since then, he’s scored an average of eight animations and films a year, along with various scoring exercises given to him by his professors. In his efforts to dive into the world of scoring as deeply as possible, he’s studied with other film, commercial, and game composers Michael Worth and Charles “Chuck” Butler at The University of the Arts, where he received his minor in Music Technology, Business, and Entrepreneurship, and he's studied with prolific film and tv composers Karen Tanaka, Matthias Weber, and Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum.

Kyle currently spends his time working on scoring fellow student projects, writing music for a game development team, and playing in and arranging for several ensembles at California Institute of the Arts Herb Alpert School of Music, where he is working on acquiring his BFA in Composition with concentrations in Composition for Film & Video, Instrumental Composition, Electronic Composition, and Avant-Garde Rock & Noise and a Minor in Music Theory.

Kyle is an extraodinary young musical composer who has worked on 2 of my films... He has proven to me that he can work diligently under pressure and handles criticism well. If there is a job to be done, Kyle is the guy will get it done and then some. He’s young but he has a mastery of musical scoring that is on a professional level. I hope to work with Kyle again in the future.
— Dwayne Gaither, Director of "Kite Flight" and "The Peculiar Case of Judy Strange"